SAFARI Washable Animal Colouring Activity Mat

SAFARI Washable Animal Colouring Activity Mat

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Discover exotic animals on a colour-in safari!
Let your child’s imagination run wild with this Safari colouring set. A double-sided, erasable canvas offers an array of animals to colour in – from bears to big cats and monkeys to meerkats – kids can learn about our amazing animal kingdom in a hands-on, fun way.
Your child will love the wide range of pen colours too. All their favourite hues - plus a few more - to satisfy their inner-artist. There’s also ample space for an impromptu doodle or game of Hangman, plus a handy cloth to wipe mistakes away.
This wildlife-inspired activity set is the ultimate boredom-buster. Use the non-stick, silicone surface for colouring, drawing, games or messy play – it’s super-easy to take out and throw in the dishwasher when you get home.
Practical, planet-friendly packaging seals the deal making this Safari colouring set a game-changer for keeping kids entertained, at home or on-the-go.

SAFARI Re-FUN-able™ Colouring Set includes:

  • 1 x double-sided premium silicone mat (40 x 30cm) for superior safety + sustainability
  • 12 x non-toxic, low-odour marker pens for vivid ink without the stink
  • 1 x fabric carry bag for planet-friendly storage
  • 1 x Magic Cloth eraser for easy + sustainable cleaning
  • 1 x scannable Impact Token (that doubles as a handy bag tag!)

Carbon-neutral packaging with bonus craft activities
No need to worry about buying wasteful wipes or extra pens to get awesome repeat-play value!
Note: All our colouring mats are made from premium FDA-approved silicone that's free from BPA, BPS, PVC and Phthalates.

Product Code : B-LC02

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