Directors Letter

A Letter From Our Directors Courtney & Massimiliano

November 22, 2023

A Letter From Our Directors Courtney & Massimiliano

Dear House of Bimbi Family,


We are thrilled to be sharing our very first House of Bimbi Director’s letter with you.

This moment for Massimiliano and I is very surreal but exciting as we are able to share our platform with the world for the first time. It has taken many days and hours of working hard with our brilliant team to create and build our vision; an elevated online store for the Modern Family.

Our dream to build House of Bimbi came like many others during the time of Covid and the beginning of our parenting journey with our then 2 year old son. We struggled to find easily all the essentials, products and special gifts we wished to find, in one place. We felt that there must be many other parents and families out there feeling the same way as us and we decided one evening that we were going to do it! The question was how and when?

18 months ago, we officially started House of Bimbi, with the task in curating what we feel are some of the very best brands and products on the market for babies, children and parents.

House of Bimbi, we hope evolves with you along your parenting journey, becomes a trusted resource for purchasing what you need, finding the perfect gift for your loved ones and provides content that feeds the soul and enlightens you on your journey of parenthood.

This will be only the beginning from hearing from us and our family, as we officially open the doors of House of Bimbi with you.

Welcome to our House…

Kindest Regards,

Courtney & Massimiliano

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