In Conversation With Sophie Doyle, CEO of Alf The Label

December 12, 2023

In Conversation With Sophie Doyle, CEO of Alf The Label

We're sitting around the table with CEO of Alf The Label, Sophie Doyle to discuss the journey of her business, motherhood and all things family.

1) Tell us a little bit about how the creation of Alf The Label came to be?

I created the first Alf baby bag when I became pregnant with my first child, Ari, and was unable to find a product that suited my personal style while still meeting my practical needs as a parent. I met so many other mothers who were desperately seeking the same thing - a functional yet fashionable baby bag - and Alf the Label was born.


2.) Who is your ideal customer and why?

She’s modern, stylish and new to motherhood. She’s excited to buy all the things for her baby or toddler but is overwhelmed by choice of so called “necessities”. She is at a life stage where her identity is changing and she’s moving through that - she just wants to be a great parent.

She’s not a frivolous purchaser but does value good quality material possessions as a signifier of her identity. She doesn’t want to sacrifice looking good for feeling good, because in her mind these are the same things.

Alf’s ideal customer was me when I became a mother for the first time, and because of this I am able to authentically connect with our beautiful customers because I empathise with the stage of the journey they are in.


3.) Since being founded in 2016 around your kitchen table, what have been the most challenging and rewarding moments so far?

The most challenging part of building the Alf brand has honestly been keeping up with the increased demand we see season after season. Our customer base has grown, and even expanded internationally, so being able to manage the amount of stock we need to service that demand has been tricky!  


4.) As a busy mother of two, how have you found the juggle of motherhood, business life and family life? What tips do you have for other mothers/parents?

It’s easier said than done, but go with the flow. Learn to be flexible because all your best laid plans may need to be adjusted at the last minute!             


5.) What do you hope for with the future of your brand? What is next?

We are doing what we can to get Alf the Label in front of more Mothers around the world. I know there are thousands of women globally who are looking for a practical accessories for motherhood that don't look like the typically expected "baby bag."


6.) Which piece or pieces in your collection is your favourite and why?

My all-time favourite is the bag named after my daughter, Ari, who was the inspiration for the brand. It's an internationally award-winning style and is by far the most popular bag we offer. It's the perfect choice for someone who is looking for the a baby bag but doesn’t know if they need a tote, shoulder bag, pram bag or backpack. This one is all of them in one! 


7.) If you could go back to your earlier self and give some advice about your business what would it be?

Don’t forget that growth in business is not linear, there are high highs, and low lows and it’s important to sit back and reflect on all of them, good and bad. 


8.) We ask each 'Around the Table' contributor to share their top advice for families. What would yours be?

Now my kids are a little older (8yrs and 5yrs) we share daily ‘highlights’ and ‘lowlights’ and ‘something we are looking forward to’, from our day together at the dinner table each night. Every person’s highlight (no matter how small) is celebrated, and the lowlights are shared without judgement. We have found our children now look forward to sharing these parts of their day with the family. I love this habit, as open communication is a really important part of our family dynamic.


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