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Self-Care, Why It Is So Important For Parents

January 30, 2024

Self-Care, Why It Is So Important For Parents

 Written by House Of Bimbi co-founder, Courtney Norris
As someone who is both a parent of two young children and a business owner, I understand that the concept of 'Self Care' can sometimes be unsettling. As parents, we are well aware of how difficult it can be to prioritise self-care in our hectic and busy lives. Prior to having children, self-care was a regular part of my daily and weekly routine. However, as a busy woman approaching 40, I now find that I sometimes have to fight for it. Self-care, for me, means taking care of ourselves, and it doesn't always involve indulgent trips or spa days (although those can be great!). Here are some suggestions, ideas, and tools that you can incorporate into your life to make time for your mind, body, and soul as a parent. 


1. Journaling & writing – This is a great tool to do as soon as you wake up and before you reach for your technology. It isn’t about what you write, it is about the daily practice of setting up your day and what you hope to create.

2. Getting out in nature – This is an immediately grounding, peaceful experience. Think long walks on the beach, hiking in bushland or even in a walk in the park.
3.  Reading – Is a unique form of rest, it nurtures your imagination and reduces stress levels.
4. Podcasts – listen to podcasts that educate and uplift you. The beauty of this is that you can listen to them in the car, at home or from your favourite café.
5. Having a moment to oneself – a shower or bath by oneself uninterrupted by little feet, can be a lifesaver.
6. Meditation – 5, 10, 20 or 40 mins – This is proven to be a great support for sleep deprived parents. If you are new to meditation, start at 5 mins and work your way up to longer. If you do this daily, it will become a vital part of your toolkit.
7. Take a breath– taking a moment without technology and focusing on breath (even in the car!) Can help clear one’s mind and give clarity to what is ahead.
8. Calling a dear friend – A good belly laugh and sharing of one’s vulnerabilities and challenges is essential. This is a golden tool for parents.
9. Exercise – walking, gym, swimming – Moving your body and increasing your heart rate is not only beneficial for your body but also your mind.
10. Boundaries – As busy parents your energy is something to prioritise and something to protect. Learning to say ‘No’ to invitations, duties and commitments, can mean more energy for the things that matter to you and your family.
11. A good dance or sing a long – Sometimes the weight or seriousness of our lives can weigh heavily on us. Prioritising fun should be a must in every parent’s bible.

Finally, it's important to understand that practicing "Self Care" doesn't necessarily require additional time and money. Instead, it simply requires prioritising your own well-being. Although this may initially be challenging for many individuals, once you overcome this obstacle, you will experience a more authentic and fulfilled life.

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